Scouted: Successful Dieting Doesn’t Start in Your Mouth; It Starts in Your Brain

You’ve spent days, weeks, and months trying to transform your eating habits. You’ve tried meal prepping and various popular diets, each one of them emphasizing eating certain food groups and foregoing others. You’ve followed all the rules, lost a bit of weight, and started to feel fresher, healthier, more energetic. Then, something happens. Maybe you get a cold or have to spend all week working late, prepping for a big presentation. And the first thing to go is that complicated diet that never really fit into your life, anyway. You slip back into unhealthy eating habits. Sure, you could stick to a diet when everything else was going right, but those perfect moments are rare and don’t last. And once they pass, that energetic feeling passes with them, and your weight yo-yo’s back up.

This scenario is so common that the details of it are bland, even boring. The thing people usually don’t talk about, though, is why this happens. It’s because despite taking on a big new pattern with these diets, you didn’t fundamentally change the shape of your life in a lasting way. Real lifestyle changes, especially big ones, need to happen incrementally and then be sustained over time. 

The creators of the health/lifestyle app Noom have found that there are a myriad of healthy habit shifts that go into making the changes that will improve health in a significant, lasting way:

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